Active Partition Recovery Ultimate 15.0.0


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Active Partition Recovery

Active Partition Recovery Ultimate 15.0.0


Active Partition Recovery is a powerful software to recover hard disk partition data. There are a lot of recovery software available, some of them have many features, some have high speed recovery, a number of user-friendly appearance and easy steps, and a lot of more information is recovered. This product is a combination of all the features expressed. It may be because of the virus infection of your drive information system. Perhaps you’ve completely formatted a drive when you install Windows and in partitioning partitions and from unknowingly. Occasionally, partitioning software may not function properly, or external conditions, such as a power failure in the middle of the job, have caused your drive information to be erased.

In all of these situations, the program can be saved. This software is a complete toolbox for recovering data from your hard disk drives. One of the important features of this program is the existence of an iso version for making the Bobble Rescue Disc. You can also burn this file to the flash drive in addition to the CD. If you do not have access to the system, using this disk, you can easily restore lost partition information. This software also allows you to recover a specific file or folder.

The program also supports RAID drives. This software takes data into a superficial and deep scan mode. Surface mode is more efficient when there is not much time to delete the data, and since then, no new data has been lost on the hard drive. Otherwise, deep mode can even recover even more partitions that have long been removed or corrupted. We recommend that you use this app to try once and you will definitely not be disappointed!

required system 

Active Partition Recovery System Requirements

IBM PC / AT compatible CPU 
Video must be VGA or better resolution (800 x 600) 
Intel 286 or higher for DOS version 
640 Kb of RAM for DOS version 
Intel Pentium processor or higher for Windows version 
128 MB of RAM for Windows version


Active Partition Recovery

Installation guide

Register the application using the information in the Key.txt file.

download link

Password (s): Password:
673 MB


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