Udemy – Entity Framework in Depth: The Complete Guide


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Udemy – Entity Framework in Depth: The Complete Guide


Entity Framework in Depth: The Complete Guide is one of the most advanced training courses in the Eudma Academy, which you can deeply enrich your encyclopedias with the Entity Framework. There may be little tutorials for the Entity Framework, but this tutorial is a complete set of all the tips and hints for the Framework Entity. In the whole Entity Framework, you can read and write data from a database, and it is also very useful in data conversion. This complete college, with more than 10,000 students and over 2,000 positive votes, has been the best course in the field of Eudymy.
This tutorial provides you with more than 6 hours of training and exercises to help you better understand the underlying framework and learn more. There are over 70 lectures in this training suite, taught by Mosh Hamedani, and you can download this comprehensive and comprehensive course completely free.

Entity Framework in Depth course specifications

English language
Duration: 6:37:13
Number of lectures: 79
Moderator: Mosh Hamedani
File Format: Video: h264, 1280 × 720 | Audio: AAC, 44100 Hz, 2 Ch
Playable in: Windows, Mobile, TV

Content of Entity Framework in Depth

  • Learn and understand the differences between the first code and the basic workflow of the database
  • Learn to add, update and delete objects
  • Apply best practices with the Entity Framework
  • A brief introduction about the Entity Framework
  • Learn to work with the concepts and commands of the Entity Framework

A complete list of topics and training titles

3Lectures 05:33
Getting Started 
7Lectures 26:40
Building a Model Using Database-First Workflow 
11Lectures 52:42
Building a Model Using Code-First Workflow 
12Lectures 01:03:01
Overriding Code-First Conventions 
11Lectures 01:03:37
Querying Data using LINQ 
10Lectures 01:05:44
Loading Related Objects 
7Lectures 26:56
Date 9Lectures 32:37
Using the Entity Framework in Your Applications 
7Lectures 45:56
2Lectures 01:35


  • Good understanding of advanced C # constructs (generics, lambda expressions)


Entity Framework in Depth

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