Udemy – The Complete Android Developer Course: Beginner To Advanced


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Udemy – The Complete Android Developer Course: Beginner To Advanced


The Complete Android Developer Course is a great training course where users learn how to develop Android applications and games for a variety of smartphones. This superb collection has more than 140 different sections, with a total duration of over 17 hours. 2,500 users of this collection have given it a full rating of 5. You learn how to design an Android application using Java language. It will also introduce you the software that will be needed to create Android apps. Learn how to create different user interfaces, and then learn how to use widgets to create different templates for Android applications. Gradually, the tutorial becomes more advanced, and the way to change the attributes of these widgets is also taught. The game structure is also explored in this collection and you learn about its concepts at a glance

The Course The Complete Android Developer Course

English language
Duration:  17:18:36
Number of lectures: 144
Teacher: Joe Parys, Ashutosh Pawar, Joe Parys Academy
File Format: MP4 | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1920 × 1080 30fps | Audio: AAC 44KHz 1ch
Playable in: Windows, Mobile, TV

The Course The Complete Android Developer Course

  • Learn to work with different templates and create user interface
  • Learn how to create concurrent events
  • Learn to work with all kinds of widgets to create the right user interface
  • Java language training for writing Android software
  • Understanding Programming Requirements

A complete list of topics and training titles

Introduction And Software Installation 
9 Lectures 21:13
Android Basics 
6 Lectures 38:02
Activities & States: 
5 Lectures 32:21
Widgets, Pixels & Layout: 
4 Lectures 30:41
Event Handling: 
3 Lectures 17:52
Gestures & Fragments: 
5 Lectures 29:59
Buttons And App Design: 
3 Lectures 21:52
Text & Animations 
6 Lectures 51:18
4 Lectures 34:53
2 Lectures 21:28
Services & ListView 
8 Lectures 01:14:39
All About Databases: 
8 Lectures 44:28
Working With Multimedia 
10 Lectures 01:11:05
4 Lectures 25:22
Game Development 
8 Lectures 56:05
Our Final Project – A Complete Overview of Our Finished Android Application 
2 Lectures 28:17
Creating the Stopwatch Application 
7 Lectures 53:54
Check Box, Radio Button, Button Icons 
5 Lectures 34:44
Designing The Coffee Shop Application. 
6 Lectures 41:03
Navigation Drawer: Designing The Pizza App 
5 Lectures 32:03
Using Maps In Android Application. 
3 Lectures 19:44
Using Action Bar In Android Application 
5 Lectures 41:57
Using CardView And ScrollView In Android Application 
4 Lectures 43:01
Real Estate Android Application. 
12 Lectures 01:59:22
Resolving Issues 
3 Lectures 32:53
Building an Android App From An Idea 
1 Lecture 01:06
How To Publish Your App To The Appstore and Google Play Store 
1 Lecture 05:07
Source Code 
1 Lecture 03:25
Course Summary and Conclusion 
4 Lectures 08:08


  • Students should have basic knowledge of Java.
  • Students should have knowledge of basic Java concepts such as inheritance, classes and methods.
  • Students should be familiar with the concepts like loops, variable and objects.
  • Students should have a PC that has at least 4GB of RAM to run apps on the emulator to run normal apps. and students should have an android device to run heavy apps and games.
  • A computer with internet access
  • A willingness to learn and study Android Studio


Udemy - The Complete Android Developer Course Beginner To Advanced

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