Udemy – WordPress Security: Secure Your Site Against Hackers


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Udemy – WordPress Security: Secure Your Site Against Hackers


WordPress Security is a complete training course for protecting WordPress sites and securing them against all types of Internet threats. Currently, according to the latest reports, 30,000 websites are hacked every day , with only 1.5 million WordPress sites annually, with billions of dollars in damage. The moderator of the course says that you should not underestimate digital security as a physical security, as he even hacked his website several times. This led to a serious pursuit of security issues and now to share its experiences with the security of WordPress sites.
In this tutorial, techniques for maintaining the security of Internet websites are taught in a simple language from the beginning to the advanced stages. Do you learn what are the important security issues of WordPress? How to choose a safe password? Learn why you should use the most current version of WordPress and its extensions. Getting to know the front page is safe. Learn how to deal with hacker attacks by cloud firewalls . This suite of powerful Wordfence Security firewalls is well-suited for this task, and all parts of it are described. It also teaches how to auto-record auto-capture.

Features of WordPress Security

  • English language
  • Duration: 02:39:13
  • Number of lectures: 35
  • Moderator: Rob Cubbon & Chris Varnom
  • File Format: Video: AVC (.MP4) 1280 × 720 30fps | Audio: AAC 44.1KHz 2ch
  • Playable in: Windows, Mobile, TV

Content of WordPress Security Course

  •  Examining the most important vulnerabilities of WordPress sites and the easy way against them
  • How to protect the site from hacking
  • How to use the firewall plugin to deal with potential threats
  • Teach a proper strategy for periodic snapshots
  • The method of blocking suspicious IPs into the Brootfors attacks
  • Choose the right username and password

A complete list of topics and training titles

1 Lecture 03:49
Username and Password Security 
6 Lectures 30:30
Keeping Software Up-to-Date and Understanding Basic Webroot Hygiene 
7 Lectures 31:14
Wordfence security plugin 
7 Lectures 38:01
Backing Up 
5 Lectures 23:37
Extra WordPress Security Tasks – Really Lock Down Your Site 
7 Lectures 27:13
2 Lectures 04:49


Only basic computer skills


WordPress Security

Installation guide

After Extract, see your player.

download link

Password (s): Password: www.downloadly.ir


1.80 GB


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