SQL Maestro for MySQL Multilingual


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SQL Maestro for MySQL

SQL Maestro for MySQL Multilingual

SQL Maestro for MySQL is the premier tool for managing, controlling and developing MySQL and MariaDB databases . This software provides a large collection of GUI tools, including database developers, DBAs and data analysts for anyone using MySQL or MariaDB.

SQL Maestro for MySQL features and features:

  • Supports all MySQL server versions from 3.23
  • Direct support of MariaDB’s special features
  • Easy database management
  • Database designer
  • Browse, edit, categorize, sort and filter data
  • SQL Handwritten Editor with Foldable Code and Multiple Boot
  • Query is a visual instrument with support for sub-queries and UNIONS
  • Work with remote MySQL servers through the SSH or HTTP tunnel
  • Export and import data into / from most popular formats
  • Powerful BLOB editor and display

required system 

Operating System

Windows 95/98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Server 2008/7


SQL Maestro for MySQL

Installation guide

Copy the file in the Crack folder at the software installation location.

download link

Download SQL_Maestro_for_MySQL_17.5.0.6_Multilingual

Download SQL_Maestro_for_MySQL_17.5.0.3_Multilingual

Password (s): www.downloadly.ir


20 MB


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