Octane Video Player v2.1.0 for Xamarin


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Octane Video Player v2.1.0 for Xamarin


Octane Video Player is a video player . The software you are previewing on the Xamarin form is ready. This means that with this software you will be able to play video on any platform on mobile devices (Android, ios and Windows Phone). Xamarin is a form of programming that allows you to easily convert to various operating systems by writing an application.
This video player is such that you can convert it to various platforms. Octane Video Player is a tool that lets you distribute the developed player to the market and personalize it. The pre-made tool is fully prepared for use on the Xamarin form, and you will be using all the Xamarin features with this tool.

Features and features of the Octane Video Player

  • Optimized for complete and complete defect in Xamarin
  • Easy and effortless configuration for easier use of this tool
  • Can play files on hard disk or cloud files
  • Using this tool reduces your cost of using other software
  • You will get other video players using this player
  • Applicable to three familiar operating systems: Android, ios, and Windows Phone
  • And…

required system

iOS: 8.0+ Unified
Android: +4.1
UWP: 10


Octane Video Player

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

download link

Password (s): Password: www.downloadly.ir


209 KB


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