ANSYS Chemkin Pro 17.0 Release 15151 x64 / Linux


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ANSYS Chemkin Pro

ANSYS Chemkin Pro 17.0 Release 15151 x64 / Linux


ANSYS Chemkin Pro is used to calculate and analyze fuel and combustion. The ANSYS Chemkin Pro software is also used to model chemical kinetics in many chemical reactions such as combustion, catalytic action, and chemical reactions. ANSYS Chemkin Pro shows the behavior of materials against these reactions with high precision.
ANSYS Chemkin Pro is one of the most powerful and powerful tools for examining reactions in processes such as burning and combustion, and more. With the help of this software you can get the temperature of different products and components and their amount during different reactions. This software uses the reactor hypothesis and can also be very helpful in modeling reactions. The program is used throughout the world for chemical modeling in microelectronics, chemical industries and factories. This software can also calculate and obtain the impact of the pressure in the furnace, as well as to model the jet flame with a proportional network reactor.
The suite of new features and features of ANSYS Chemkin Pro  can  be seen here .

Features of ANSYS Chemkin Pro:

– Combustion calculations and analysis
– Chemical balance and mixing and adiabatic flame temperature
– Delay time on self-burning methane mixed with air
– Combustion of natural gas in equilibrium with sensitivity analysis
– The effect of pressure in the furnace with H2 stabilization
-Management of chemical kinetics in many chemical reactions
– Stoichiometric effect on flame velocity in natural gas by combining air
– Pre-mixed partial mixing effects
– Modeling a jet flame with a network analogue with non-mixed mix
– The effect of incomplete mixing on the outflow of gas turbines

required system

: Operating Systems
Windows XP Professional
Windows vista
Windows 7
Windows 8-8.1
Windows 10
: Recommended Hardware
Pentium 1 GHz
512 MB of ram

Installation guide

First, execute the Image file with the Deamon Tools program, then install all three setup in the program folder. Then copy each program at the place where you installed it. The files are listed in the Readme.txt file in the folder.

download link

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364 + 318 MB


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