Adobe Air for Windows / 30.0 macOS


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Adobe Air for Windows / 30.0 macOS


Adobe Air is an integrated solution from Adobe to build rich Web browser-based applications. Using air, programmers can write their own applications in various languages ​​such as html, javascript, flash , flex and … and without worrying about the implementation platform, their program will be on any operating system capable of installing air. The same face is seen. Since the program is not involved with browser constraints, it works more independently and can do things that web developers can do with a lot of hardship. Adobe Air is the key component of Adobe’s Flash platform, which means programmers can use all of their flash capabilities to produce eye-catching and rich Web-based apps with intuitive visuals.

Air-powered apps are available on all platforms of Windows, Android, BlackBerry, iOS and more. One of the advantages of using air is that programmers, rather than tackling different browsers, their different standards and bugs and problems, can write their code in a single, integrated environment and not worry about these issues. Of course, this requires the pervasiveness of this technology that Adobe has done a great deal to accomplish this goal, and so far it has taken great strides.

Currently, some major software companies use the capabilities of Adobe Air to provide their services and services. This is in addition to the flexibility of this high security environment. Because of its robust structure, Air is a good choice for those who are critical to the security of their programs. Programs running on the air platform must all have a digital signature, so when running the program, the necessary validations, such as the program builder, etc. will be performed, and if it is valid, the program will run.

required system

Adobe Air Compatibility:

2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor, or Intel Atom ™ 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbook class devices. 
Microsoft® Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 Classic or Windows 10. 
512MB of RAM (1GB recommended) 
AIR SDK Development Supports Microsoft® Windows 7 and above, 64-bit only 


Installation guide

There is nothing special.

download link

Password (s): Password:


10 megabytes


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