AndroVid Video Editor 2.7.0 for Android +2.3


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AndroVid Video Editor 2.7.0 for Android +2.3


AndroVid Video Editor is a powerful Android application for editing video files such as converting, cropping, acting and … on the video. This software is able to convert various video formats to one another, and you can also remove part of a movie or add a part to it.

Features and Features of the AndroVid Video Editor:

– Cut videos and produce short clips from long videos 
– Add music (replace the audio file or mix it with the original sound of the movie, adjust the volume) 
– Merge multiple videos into a video file 
– Delete a part of a video 
– Split Convert your video files to two separate video clips 
– capture video frames 
– add video to your video like your company name or name 
– convert sound to video to audio file 
– apply various video effects to videos 
– convert videos to other video formats 
– Ability to rotate video 
– set video frames as wallpaper 
– Share Gza Tons of video clips 
– Upload your videos on Facebook, YouTube 
– Broadcast video clips
– Sort your movie by name, size, duration and date 
– Rename / delete videos on your phone

Changes to the latest version of AndroVid Video Editor 2.7.0:

* Bug fixed 
* Android 6.0 Marshmallow supoort added 
* Bug-fixes 
* Added some new effects 
* Bug fixes 
* Background processing for long operations 
* Persian and Korean languages ​​added 
* Bug fixes 
2.6 .2 
* Android 5.1 support 
* Bug fixes 
* Bug fixes 
* Crop feature added 
* Major updates on video editing algorithms 
* Material design colors 
* Some bug fixes 
* Bug fix 
* Bug fix

required system

Android 2.3 and up


Installation guide

If there is an installation error, first remove the previous version and then install the new version.

download link

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15.07 megabytes


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