DipTrace + 3D Library + Component + Language


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DipTrace + 3D Library + Component + Language


DipTrace software is a Schematic Capture software and a quality PCB design for designing simple or complex multi-layer strings from schematic to file design.

After a few hours of working with this program, you can produce simple strings and gradually increase your skill in designing sophisticated boards. For simple, easy-to-use and easy-to-use widgets, use advanced features.

You can increase the design capabilities by using additional program modules. Using the program guide that comes with the program, you can learn the various steps in drawing the board.

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Features and Features of DipTrace Software :

– Quick learn interface because of its simplicity
– Hierarchical and multi-leaf schematics
– High-speed shaped routing
– Smart handwriting tools
– Extensive import and export capabilities
– Schematic interaction and PCB design
– Advanced validation using instant DRC
– 3D PCB preview and STEP extraction
– Output build

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Modules included in DipTrace software :

Schematic Capture : An advanced schema tool with support for multi-level and multi-level hierarchical design, electrical rules testing and hierarchy validation from design to work end
PCB Layout : A high-quality range design tool in the software environment, intelligent location and routing tools. RDC Instant and fix work problems to maximize project evolution
Library Creation : An intermediate module library management system with template editor and components and import from outside the DipTrace environment.
3D Modeling : Works as part of the PCB Layout and Pattern Editor, and allows you to preview the designed banner in any part of the design process. Ability to extract as mechanical CAD. Having over 3500 3D models
The set of changes made to DipTrace is visible here .

DipTrace Program Tips:

– This version is provided with full crack and installed and tested by Danuble.
– for libraries, components and software for three-dimensional models, here are the pictures.
– The video guide for the various sections of this program is visible here .

required system

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(Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit
1GHz Pentium III processor or equivalent
1.5Gb hard disk space
1024 × 768 screen resolution or higher
OpenGL / DirectX 9.0 or higher



Installation guide

Use the program serial to register it.

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download link

DipTrace 3D Library

Password (s): Password: www.downloadly.ir

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140 MB


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