HDD Regenerator 2011 DC 2013-05-08


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HDD Regenerator 2011 DC 2013-05-08




Hard disks are part of a computer deprecation component, and the emergence of a problem for them is more likely than other components. Using the HDD Regenerator software can solve problems such as weakening the sectors or the presence of Bad Sector.


Features and Features of HDD Regenerator Software:


– Easy to use and easy to use


– Repair physical badges without causing hard drive


– Permanent hard drive monitor
– The ability to create a Bootable disk or USB memory to run an independent HDD Regenerator from Windows
– No loss of information in any hard drive repair mode
HDD Regenerator Tips:
– Reasons to cause a blow or shock, abrupt change in the situation when the disc is in operation (such as sudden extinction of a hard drive or a power cut and reset of Windows without the use of a shutdown), as well as prolonging the life of the hard drive and weakening the hard drive In the hard drive.
– The effects of bad media on the hard drive can be slowed down, continuous hang-up of the operating system, the problem of copying information, or creating additional sound in the hard drive.
HDD Regenerator hard drive repairs are time-consuming depending on the capacity and number of badges.
– In some cases, this software does not allow Windows to perform operations that should be run with a disk independent disk and Flash bootbol independent of Windows. If copied in a flash, the information on it will be deleted.
– The HDD Regenerator software has the ability to repair and restore the hard drive that is not connected to the USB port and the external HDDs must be opened and connected as SATA.
– For external HDDs that the user can not connect to as SATA, as well as methods such as the chkdsk / f command, this is the only non-specialized method of partitioning the hard drive and unplugging the partially-discharged portion of its safe part.

required system

Installation guide

After installing the program, do not run it and exit it if it is running. Right-click on the Patch file in the folder and run Run as administrator and click on Patch. Then execute the Keygen program and file and click on the Serial Number from the Full Version menu. Finally, register the program by entering the desired name in Keygen and serial production.

download link

Password (s): Password: www.downloadly.ir





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