Siemens FEMAP 12.0 with NX Nastran and SAToolkit


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Siemens FEMAP 12.0 with NX Nastran and SAToolkit


Siemens FEMAP is an advanced engineering simulation software that analyzes finite element models from complex engineering systems and displays results of the solution. Siemens FEMAP can roughly model components, assemblies, systems and behavioral responses for the environment. Using the FEMAP simulation capabilities, you can predict, improve, and relive product performance, reduce time and physical and cost-effective prototyping, evaluate designs and materials, and optimize your designs. Reduce the use of materials.

Features and Features Siemens FEMAP:

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  • Geometric data access from all major CAD systems including CATIA, Pro / Engineer, NX, Solid Edge, SolidWorks and AutoCAD.
  • The ability to create geometric shapes and modify functions, so you can create the necessary model changes in modeling to create finite element models.
  • A complete finite element model is displayed with FEMAP basic data, which allows you to view, change, and change the nature directly.
  • Grouping, layering and visualization tools help you manage the model when creating and launching finite element models.
  • Data levels that allow you to create complex loading conditions based on the previous analysis output for multi-physics applications.
  • In addition to the FEMAP elemental element and solid shell, it supports beam modeling.
To see the full data Siemens FEMAP to here , see.

required system

Operating System
Windows 7 64-bit 
Windows 8.x and Windows 8.x Pro 64-bit 
Windows 10.x 64 Bit
Disk Space: 1GB

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Siemens FEMAP

Installation guide

The Readme.txt file is in the Crack folder.

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download link

Password (s): Password:

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