WinEdt 10.2 Build 20170413 x86 / x64


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WinEdt 10.2 Build 20170413 x86 / x64


WinEdt name of the editor is very powerful and all fans central to the system of Windows, which is the basis for creating and editing documents Latex made by the. WinEdt to the default includes the compiler and interpreter languages such as HTML, NSIS, Tex is . WinEdt recognition system also has the grammar of language application programming is also capable of self -building and adding grammar is also desired.

This editor to the default, to be integrated and all -purpose design , but a special configuration to work with Tex system and application software such as MiTeX or Tex Live provided. If what is still to be full of all the features   Tex support not at this time provide the appropriate authorities as well as forum and Hall said the teller activated by the user. Also WinEdt  to be automatically Compile the Tex files and display the output.
Other strengths that can be used to support Unicode and also the ability to run on screens with the dimensions mentioned above that. The keyboard shortcuts are many in the software application defined by that tweaking will help users. Plus, there is also a macro definition. Most remarkable is that the application developer WinEdt very active and every month, modules useful for many users, offering them .
WinEdt also supports Windows 10.

Features and Points of WinEdt:

  • Great Latex support
  • It’s possible to build a quick history and automated textual listing based on Tex
  • Full Unicode and Right-to-left languages ​​support
  • Auto complete system
  • Automatically detect the Tex Compiler
  • Offering 32 bit and 64 bit separate versions
  • Support team and active developer
  • Provides advanced macros

required system

Ram: 768 Mb
CPU: 2.1 GHz or above
Tex Engine (optional)



Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the folder.

download link

Password (s): Password:


9 MB


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